Thesis Network

The Thesis Network describes the connections between the theses, i.e., pro gradu’s and doctoral dissertations, created by the newly conferred participants. The material obtained from the public database of the University Library has been filtered with keyword seraches, which are the basis in determining how close the contexts of two theses are. As a result, we get a network of theses. i.e., the Thesis Network, which describes the connections between the studies, showing them from the nearest colleague and extending across majors and faculties.

The network shows both those focusing deeply in their own subject inside the faculty and those interdisciplinary pioneers going beyond the faculty borders. The network promotes the unifying spirit of science: the individual, precisely focused studies expanding the amount of knowledge, which enables others to continue with new ideas or to combine the old ones in innovative ways. The research performed by the conferred is thus connected to a longer continuum of science.

It is easy to navigate in the interactive Thesis Network. Individual theses can be located either by moving the mouse over them, or by performing a search with the author’s name in the search field to the top of the page. After choosing a thesis, its most important connections will be highlighted and its information, including the abstract by which the network has been created, will be shown in the left side bar.