Who can participate?

The Conferment Ceremony of the Faculty of Philosophy is organized to celebrate the graduates of certain faculties of the University of Helsinki. The common factor with these faculties is that they have originated from the historical Faculty of Philosophy. Thus, the right to participate in the ceremony as a promovendus requires a Master’s degree or a Doctoral degree from one of these faculties.

You are eligible to take part in the Conferment Ceremony as a Master promovendus if you have graduated from the University of Helsinki from the Faculty of:

  • Arts,
  • Science,
  • Biological and Environmental Sciences,
  • Educational Sciences,
  • Behavioral Sciences, or
  • Pharmacy

with a Master’s degree (M.A. or M.Sc.).

You are eligible to take part in the Conferment Ceremony as a Doctor promovendus if you have completed a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in any of the aforementioned faculties.
However, those who have graduated from the Faculty of Medicine with a Doctorate will take part in the Conferment Ceremony of the Faculty of Medicine.

In order to participate, the degree in question has to be awarded by the university by the 26th of May 2023. A copy (scanned or physical) of the diploma or an equivalent document certifying the degree must be handed in to the conferment committee by May 8th. For questions regarding graduation, please refer to the student services of your faculty.

Promovendi often attend the event together with their friend, spouse or other companion. A Master’s companion is called wreath-weaver, as it is customary for them to craft the laurel wreaths for the Master promovendi on the day before the Conferment Act. A Doctor’s companion is called sword-whetter, but despite the name they do not have to take part in the sharpening of the swords. The companions (“avecs”) attend the dinners together with the promovendi as well as take part in all other celebrations. It is possible to participate in the Conferment Ceremony also without a companion. The official wreath-weaver and their assistants will craft the laurel wreaths for the Master promovendi who are attending the event alone. In terms of registering for the different events, there are two possibilities: one can either participate in the entire three-day Conferment Ceremony, or just in the Conferment Act and its rehearsal.