What is the Conferment Ceremony?

The Conferment Ceremony is a unique graduation ceremony for Masters and Doctors to celebrate their degrees with the entire university community. The festivities last for several days and take place in glorious settings. By participating in the Conferment Ceremony, the promovendi gain the right to wear the signs of their academic position: a laurel wreath and the Master’s ring for the Master promovendi, and a Doctor’s hat and sword for the Doctor promovendi.

The Conferment Ceremony combines both the present day and timelessness, as well as jubilant and dignified celebration. The first Conferment Ceremony was already held in 1643. It is the oldest of all academic celebrations in Finland and listed as a national, living cultural heritage. The upcoming Conferment Ceremony is the 100th Conferment Ceremony of the Faculty of Philosophy.

The Conferment Ceremony involves three days of joyous and intensive living and celebration, including everything from fine dining to a night procession ending at sunrise. The Conferment Ceremony is an unforgettable experience, and it offers one last well-deserved chance to celebrate all the years of study.

Read more about the history, people and tradition of the Conferment Ceremony and its culture, as well as find the descriptions of the different Conferment events on their own pages. Glimpses of Conferment Ceremony and the atmosphere can be seen in the After-movie of the previous Conferment Ceremony of the Faculty of Philosophy.