Registration for the Conferment Ceremony has closed.

You are eligible to take part in the Conferment Ceremony of 2023 as a promovendus if you have graduated from the University of Helsinki from the Faculty of Arts, Science, Biological and Environmental Sciences, Educational Sciences, or Pharmacy with a Master’s degree or if you have completed a Doctorate of Philosophy in any of the aforementioned faculties no later than on the 25th of May 2023. You cannot be a promovendus for the same degree more than once. Also, the companion (avec) of the promovendus can participate in the Conferment Ceremony.

You can attend as a Jubilee Master or Doctor in the Conferment Ceremony of 2023 if you have been a promovendus at the Conferment Ceremony of 1973.

You can participate in the Conferment Ceremony alone or with a companion (avec). The companion doesn’t have to be a promovendus. The companion can be for example their friend, spouse, other companion or a family member.

Important information about the registration

All promovendi must register themselves separately. If the companion (avec) is not a promovendus, they can register with the same form as the promovendus they are accompanying. You should fill out the registration form with care. It’s good to reserve about 30 minutes for filling out the form. All the essential information for the events and the information for the Matricula is gathered with the registration form.

The registration is binding and non-refundable after the registration period has ended. The registration fees must be paid upon registration. After the registration you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you have given in the registration form. You can make changes to your registration using the link sent to you in the confirmation email as long as the registration is still ongoing.

The venues used for the Conferment Ceremony set limits on the number of participants. If there are more registrants than the venues allow, participants will be selected in order of registration.

After filling out the registration form

In addition to filling out the registration form, all promovendi need to deliver a copy of their degree certificate (“tutkintotodistus”) in order to confirm their eligibility to participate. The copy of the degree certificate can either be brought to the Conferment office or sent to the committee by email or traditional mail. Please deliver the copy of your degree certificate as soon as possible after filling out the registration form. Jubilee Masters and Doctors do not need to deliver a copy of their degree certificate.

The Conferment office’s location and opening hours will be published in 2023. The email address of the Conferment Committee is

Communication to the registered participants

More information about the Conferment Ceremony will be delivered to the registered participants to the email address given in the registration form. After the registration has ended the participants will be provided with an electric information sheet which contains more specific information about the separate events. Still, it is recommended to familiarise yourself with the events of the Conferment Ceremony well beforehand. On these web pages you can find a lot of helpful information about the events and what is expected from you as a participant.

A physical Conferment Ceremony briefing session will be held in the Spring of 2023.

The Matricula

The Conferment Committee will compile a Conferment Matricula from all the Masters and Doctors conferred either in person or in absentia. The registration form will also ask for information for the Matricula. You can add your information in Finnish, Swedish or English.

It is possible to check the text written about you for the Matricula at the Conferment office. If you are unable to come to the office, we can send the text to you by email.It is possible to check the text written about you for the Matricula at the Conferment office. If you are unable to come to the office, we can send the text to you by email.

Model text for the Matricula

MODEL, Mary * 10.3.1985 Ann Arbor, MI, USA. PRNTS Dr Elena Model and chef Gary Model (nee Moore) SPOUSE MSc Tom Model (nee Hudson) 2011 CHLDRN Samantha 2010 – BSc 2009, MSc 2012, PhD 2016 (theoretical physics) DISS. Cosmological constraints on Standard Model Extensions OCC. Academy Research Fellow, University of Helsinki, 2016- PREV. OCC. doctoral student, University of Helsinki, 2012-16, SECNDRY OCC. assistant, University of Helsinki, 2009-12 POS. OF TRUST president, The Student Association, 2008-10, member of the board, The Scientific Society, 2014-15 – honorary member, The Student Association, 2015 – MSc thesis prize of the University of Helsinki 2012, Prize of The Scientific Society 2015, Academy Research Fellow 2016- TRAVELS Stanford University, USA, 2014-15 PUBL. History of Physics 2015, 10 scientific articles in the field of theoretical physics, 5 popular articles.