Contact Information

Conferment Office

The Conferment Office is located in Porthania’s (Yliopistonkatu 3) second floor, room 221, opposite the teachers’ cafeteria. You can reach the office by email,

Opening hours: Between 20 Feb and 21 May, every Tuesday between 17 and 19.

And additionally, between 10 and 13 on: Mon 20 Feb, Mon 6 March, Thurs 2 March., Mon 3 April, Mon 17.4., Thurs 4 May, Mon 15 May, Tues 30 May, Thurs 1st June, and Mon 5th June.

You may also contact the office by phone during opening hours; 02941 20600/050-477 0600.

Conferment Committee

The Conferment Committee is a group of volunteers responsible for organizing the Conferment Ceremony. The committee is led by the Gratisti. The committee’s tasks are further divided into smaller areas of responsibility. All members of the committee and the office can be reached from the following email address:

Also feel free to reach out on:




Main organizers:

Conferrer: Jouni Hirvonen

Master of Ceremonies: Jaakko Leino

Head Marshal: Anu Laine

Gratisti: Timo Kalliokoski

Vice Gratista:
Waltteri Immonen
Lauri Franzon
Teo Korhonen

Secretary: Patrik Nurminen

Treasurer: Satumaaria Sukuvaara